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Gang member murdered Tyler Lawrence in Mattapan, then was arrested three days later for selling fentanyl, DA, feds say

An alleged Morse Street gang member arrested on federal drug charges on Friday was charged today with murdering Tyler Lawrence, 13, of Norwood at Babson and Fremont streets in Mattapan on Jan. 29, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Csean Alexander Skerritt, 34, was charged with murder and various firearm and ammunition charges, as well as being a Level 3 armed career criminal, the DA's office reports. In 2017, he was found not guilty of first-degree murder for a 2014 shooting death on Dorchester Avenue in Dorchester's Ashmont neighborhood.

Skerritt was arrested Friday by federal agents on a charge of distributing 40 or more grams of fentanyl after he allegedly sold the drugs to a "cooperating witness" working with the FBI. Even as local authorities were charging him with the boy's murder today, he was appearing in US District Court in Boston to face that charge.

According to an affidavit by an FBI agent on the case, Skerritt, also known as Shizz Grimmy, sold 55 grams of the drug for $1,500 to the informant on Feb. 1 - three days after he allegedly gunned down the boy.

Skerritt originally planned to use his mother's house as the place to conduct the sale, but later changed to another location a couple blocks away. The affidavit does not say where in Boston this was.

Skerritt, familiar to FBI agents and BPD officers for his other past crimes, got into a gray Altima with California plates and drove to the new location to make the sale, the affdavit reports.

At his initial appearance in federal court today, a magistrate judge ordered him held in federal custody until at least a probable cause hearing on Feb. 14.

In 2010, Skerritt was arrested on gun charges on Olney Street, for which he was later convicted.

Innocent, etc.

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Guys like this who haven’t grown up always end up doing things like this. Low life killed a child because he couldn’t find anyone outside, so he killed anyone walking.

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but why did they let him out on the streets after the gun charge

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Who need reforming, it’s our judges who continue to release violent career criminals like this menace.

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Let out? On the 2010 gun charge he was convicted on? I'd guess he completed his sentence - or 'enough' of it, anyway.

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Csean Alexander Skerritt, drug dealer and murderer was out
on the streets after being
acquitted for murder.

He is a killer because he was selling Fentanyl.

Why was he not in jail?

Covid-19-release of prisoners, overcrowded prisons, lenient judges, overworked probation and parole offices, allowed this a..hole
( I won't call him a man) be out on the streets and murder a 13 year old boy.

Sending him to jail will not bring closure to the family. Their grief and loss, will be with them always.

He better get solitary confinement-23hrs in and 1hr out.

How many other killers or
killers-to-be, are free to live in our state, knowing there is no Death Penalty in Massachusetts?

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You seem to be in favor of capital punishment while railing against killing people...

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I just spoke with someone very familiar with Skerritt’s history. From that conversation I believe this State/City and ‘justice’ system are more than somewhat culpable in Tyler Lawrence’s death.

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Health issues mental and physical, legal problems, criminal record, inability to sleep at night, always having to watch your back, broken home, father gone, thinking you can't educate and learn and go to college, no support, no normalcy growing up, poverty repetition. And the beat goes on.

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Look, I want justice for Tyler Lawrence, and Csean Skerritt does seem like a horrible person, but I feel like I've seen this before. A horrible murder, cries for justice, an arrest with some sketchy evidence, a conviction, then later we find out that the witnesses were coerced to identify the guy they want to pin the crime on.

I hope I'm wrong, and I will keep an open mind was evidence is released, but there's something deep down that makes me think that BPD will be paying Skerritt millions 2 decades from now.

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Well, the FBI arrested him, not BPD, but sure.

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He has to go to court first right? Any evidence would be subject to questioning by his taxpayer funded attorney.

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