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Teen went into murderous rage over explicit photos her boyfriend sent, DA says

A Roxbury teenager was ordered held without bail at her arraignment today on charges she murdered a woman and stabbed another teen in Jamaica Plain on Saturday.

WCVB reports Suffolk County prosecutors say Wilmary Mejia Matos brought a knife and two guys to confront Brianna Brown, 21, and a teenager, not named, over explicitly photos her boyfriend had send the two. - but one of her friends tried to persuade her not to stab the victims.

Police say Mejia stabbed both in the neck - and Brown in the chest - on Woodside Avenue before fleeing. The two victims managed to get to the nearby E-13 police station on Washington Street, from which they were transported to local hospitals. Brown died, the girl is expected to survive.

Innocent, etc.



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Hope the boyfriend is happy. This is ALL wrong and now it will haunt their lives every day.

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She wanted to fight and stab the victims for receiving explicit pictures from her bf?

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Her boyfriend sent the explicit pictures of her to the two victims.

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So, yep!

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I thought your comment meant pictures "of" her bf.

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Miki, is that you?

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Doesn't make a whole lot of sense that she doesn't blame him, and traveling on the bus to commit this crime ups the charge, as it shows intent. She had all that time to reconsider. Could be first degree murder, which in MA means life without parole, though as a 16 year old, she would have to get a parole hearing eventually.

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women are taught to blame and compete with other women first.

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