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Boston man arrested in Ohio for murder on Harvard Street in Dorchester last year


Boston Police report the arrest of a local man on charges he fatally stabbed Urvin Gerald, 48, in the neck on Harvard Street in Dorchester on July 16, 2022.

Dwight Watson, 55 (photo on right), was brought back to Boston last week from the Mahoning County Justice Center in Youngstown, OH, by members of the BPD fugitive unit.

The US Marshals Service reports BPD had tracked him to Youngstown earlier this year, and that on Feb. 2, members of federal/local violent-fugitive task force found him in a house there:

Watson initially gave a fictitious name to investigators, but his true identity was quickly revealed and Watson was taken into custody without incident.

Photo of Watson from the Mahoning County Sheriff's Office.



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Dark solid line dividing the haves and have nots. The haves are clueless and live in a different world of better education opportunities, degrees and careers, vacations, children doing internships abroad, don't have to go to food pantries, don't live lives in high crime neighborhoods, and fall behind.

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What does this have to do with the murder?

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Is one thing, but stabbing someone in the neck is another.

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I remember growing up working / lower middle class and just thinking about murder all day. I kept thinking about stealing, truancy, running a stable of whores, kicking puppies, and tearing off the tags from mattresses.

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