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Boston sports-radio guy apologizes for letting his inner racist out

Update: Suspended for a week.

Dan Kennedy provides the play by play for a Tony Massarotti incident last week.



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Since when has a little casual racism not been as important to Boston talk radio as a grilled bun is to a lobster roll?

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oh, Boston [sports] [guy] said something racist? It must be Tuesday.

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It's all part of sports talk radio. The old Dennis and Callaghan version was worse, but every time I think things are getting better, the sports yakkers prove me wrong.

Everything has to be extreme. According to Mazz, all but a small handful of superstars "suck". Not their performance, but the person, is accused of "sucking". And Mazz is so wired to hate, that his toned down version on the Sox broadcasts last year just didn't work. He didnt seem comfortable.

Mazz's racist comments are justifiably being criticized. But the casual homophobia and mysogyny are somehow acceptable to many.

We still have a long way to go.

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Always derision towards "that league" and "those guys". When the Celtics made it to the NBA finals last year they confessed that they were sick and tired of having to talk about "those guys". Not real subtle. They also enjoy laying all the problems of the Patriots at the feet of Bob Kraft because he is cheap (read: cheap jew). Not that I, ahem, ever listen to them.

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Thank you for calling hie actions racist. The Boston Globe called them "insensitive" which whitewashes them. If he's allowed to stay on air it will be another stain on our city's race relations.

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hearing my fellow Bostonians' preserved-in-amber accents, but the current hosts on our two big stations are almost always painful to listen to. (The dosage of unashamedly bigoted, right-wing asshole-grandpa politics seems lower these days, at least, nothing like the brutal Dennis & Callahan era.) My limit is usually about 20 minutes, which inevitably includes a 7-minute commercial break.

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