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I think I shall never see a wombat getting on the T

Let alone getting a coffee regular at at a nearby Dunk's:



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Whatever it is, this "creature" doesn't look like a real wombat in any way, shape or form. Just like Taz doesn't resemble a real Tasmanian devil.

We have family living in Tasmania and my wife is a great fan of real wombats. We have a poster of one of them on the wall above our kitchen table.

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If we had real Wombats like that one on the T, all would be forgiven with lousy service and I'd ride the trains at least several times a day.

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Okay, quick show of hands, who else watched that video and immediately started wanting a pet wombat?

(And yes, I'm sure there's plenty of reasons that they're not suitable as housepets.)

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I think that I would take a pee if ever I saw a wombat getting on the T.
A wombat with hungry mouth agape. Against the T's ever slowing pace.

apologies to Joyce Kilmer

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