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Cohasset town worker ran a cryptocurrency 'mine' in crawlspace under town high school, police charge

WCVB reports on the case against the guy, charged with using at least $18,000 in town electricity to fuel his operation to "mine" cryptocurrency in a crawlspace under Cohasset High.

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To bad he didn't set this up at Minnechaug Regional High School, He'd still be mining cryptocurrency and no one could have noticed.

I wonder how much money he procured on the town's dime using their electric supply? Will that come out in court? Will he be able to keep the money? Can he use that money to pay the electric bill? So many questions...

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More schools are inspecting for mold in hidden spaces or the state is inspecting them for mold due to the tropical summer weeks breeding it, flooding, etc. and the 12-14% asthma prevalence for students in the state's schools.

Unusual find, but not an unusual situation where stuff gets stashed or hidden.

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at his company within a day of installing an NBAD device, which monitors the network and looks for suspicious traffic patterns. He quickly found a secret server under the raised floor of their data center that was hosting adult content in the evenings, some IT guy's side hustle.

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