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Four arrested after guns, dirt bikes and drugs seized at Roslindale self-storage place in investigation into area drag racing, police say

Seized guns and drugs

Seized guns and drugs.

Boston Police report arresting four men after a months-long investigation into boisterous and illegal summertime drag races - and after seizing dirt bikes, guns and drugs from a self-storage unit at 44 Lochdale Rd. in Roslindale.

Last summer, residents repeatedly complained to police about weekend races and parties along American Legion Highway in Roslindale, at both the Mattapan and Hyde Park ends. "These illegal events would draw large crowds resulting in excessively loud music, public drinking, and reckless operation," police say.

Armed with search warrants on Feb. 17, drug-control officers from E-5 in West Roxbury and D-4 in the South End, along with members of the citywide auto-theft unit, opened the storage unit:

The firearms that were seized were: Glock 19, Masterpiece Arms Subgun, Archangel AR 15, Rockland Island Revolver Model 206, Glock 26, SCCY 9MM and a Umarex Pellet Gun. Officers also seized three extended magazines, and a silencer.

Officers also seized Trafficking amounts in excess of 36 grams of Fentanyl, and 37 off high vehicles (dirt bikes/ mopeds).

Some of the dirt bikes being hauled away:

Dirt bikes being hauled away

Over the past week, police say, officers arrested:

  • Angel Javier Mejia Lara, 26, of Roxbury, on five counts of unlawful possession of a firearm, three counts of unlawful possession of ammunition, unlawful possession of a large capacity firearm, registering bets, money laundering, two counts of trafficking fentanyl, five counts of distribution of fentanyl, receiving a stolen license plate, three counts of larceny of a motor vehicle, operating an illegal repair shop and conspiracy;
  • Wallis Baez Pimentel, 31, of Roxbury, on charges of registering bets, use of a telephone for gaming and betting purposes and conspiracy;
  • Ramon Antonio Villar Peguero, 20, of Roxbury, , charged with trafficking fentanyl, five counts of distribution of fentanyl and drag racing;
  • Melfi Octavio Rosa Hiraldo, 35, of Dorchester, was charged with three counts of distribution of fentanyl.

Innocent, etc.

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Wow, first guy on the list shows a remarkable dedication to bringing havoc and misery to the city by any mean possible; he is a criminal savant. Adam, if you can keep us posted on his court case that would be appreciated.

Also hoping that the police will pay that storage place regular friendly visits.

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People are always complaining that the city (and specifically the cops) don't do anything about drag racing, dirt bike gangs, and loud street parties. Glad to see that they really ARE paying attention and going after these quality-of-life scofflaws.

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Judging by the guns and drugs, it's more than just a quality of life issue.

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This happened right across the street from the City of Boston Animal Care & Control shelter. We’ve dealt with a lot of nonsense over the years. I’m glad to hear this summer will be quieter and less stressful for the animals in our care.

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This is from March 2022 -good chance it was the same storage facility "Cullinane said many of the vehicles are stolen and not registered. At one self-storage facility in Roslindale, police in February seized around 50 stolen dirt bikes and ATVs, one in a string of confiscations over the last several years."

At the neighborhood meetings I go to, the community police officer doing the safety report regularly asks for tips (anonymous or not, your choice) for these kind of things. When you see a bunch of unregistered dirt bikes getting taken in and out of storage, the best thing to do is to report it. Informing and asking for follow ups from the local city councilor doesn't hurt. Asking the neighborhood association to bring the owner/manager of the problem property to the next community meeting and put them on the spot can also help. These things rarely get resolved at once but persistence pays off. I mean this in a friendly way; if I knew of such a problem place near where I live I would be calling daily until it gets cleaned up.


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This is now an annual event at this facility. Terrible neighbor. I hope this is housing one day instead of storage for insane weapons.

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Until recently, this self-storage place advertised "contactless rentals" - presumably related to Covid concerns, but it makes me wonder if it's also a way for either the owners to deny culpability if they never had any face-to-face dealings with the people they rent to, and/or an advertisement to would-be criminals who see it as an opportunity to not have their comings and goings monitored.

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Not gonna lie- the 9mm with a silencer will never not look bad ass

Glad these guns are off the street

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After the last bust in 2022 the owner of Roslindale Storage sold. It is now a part of Life Storage a large chain.

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That's a new one to me. I guess it's cop-speak for off road, high speed vehicles.

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