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Police say Newton domestic-violence suspect punched out two cops, leaving one unconscious

Newton Police report two officers responding to a 911 call about domestic violence Saturday night were themselves attacked by a man who tried but failed to grab one of their guns.

Police say officers were about to arrest the man when "the assaultive, out of control suspect ran into an apartment." When they pursued him, police say, he turned on police and went on the attack:

During the struggle, the suspect forcefully grabbed for their service weapons and punched both officers in the back of the head.

One officer was temporarily knocked unconscious after being violently struck in the head. A second officer who was also punched in the head, but officers did manage to arrest the suspect and place that individual under arrest.

Both officers were transported to Newton Wellesley Hospital and later released. Both officers are sore but recovering.

Police did not identify either the suspect or address because of a state law that requires them to withhold that information in cases involving domestic attacks.



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I hope the wife is okay. If this man could physically attack two armed and trained officers, I can’t imagine the hell she faces everyday. Hopefully she will receive the legal, physical and emotional support she needs.

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Way back in 1995 Mark Baker wrote a book called "COPS" which made clear that domestic violence calls are some of the most dangerous calls Police Officers can respond to.

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The rate of officer injury and death on those calls is quite high.

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geez, I wonder what is it about the suspect that didn't lead to one of the cops shooting him


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jedH, you (and Bob) are obviously implying something here but I sincerely can’t figure out what. It looks like you’re saying that they didn’t use lethal force because he’s ‘white’? But the accused - Juan Gonzalez - appears to be a latino man who these days would be referred to as a ‘person of color’?

I’m not trying to make some sort of coy “I don’t see color” remark here - i honestly am confused. Can you just spell it out for me?

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