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Laughing masturbator on the Red Line arrested, police say

Transit Police report arresting a Cambridge man they say played with himself while staring and laughing at the woman sitting across from him on an outbound Red Line train between JFK/UMass and Quincy Center around 9:30 a.m. yesterday.

Police report the woman snapped the guy's photo and then contacted police from the train.

The T held the train at Quincy Center and responding officers were waiting - the woman showed them the photo and the officers grabbed Calebre Predelus, 23, of Cambridge, who was still sitting in the train, but who was then given a ride in a cruiser to TPD headquarters for booking on a charge of open and gross lewdness, police say.

TPD Detectives allege Calebre is the same suspect male for other similar incidents occurring on the MBTA. TPD Detectives previously sought the public's assistance in the identification of Calebre relative to another similar act. Reference a Transit Police tweet posted on February 17, 2023.

Calebre was transported to TPD HQ for the arrest booking process. Police say he's likely the same guy they were already hunting for similar activities on the Red Line.

Innocent, etc.



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you could have used Jolly Jerker or something creative for this.

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Only thing that makes sense to me is that most of these guys are on meth or something like that... just really interesting from a psych/neuro standpoint why the compulsion to masturbate in front of others seems to be such a common feature in people who are losing their shit

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When I was in high school in the early 1990s, I was stopped by a man in a car, ostensibly asking for directions to Hancock Street (yes, ew, gross pun)...but he was simply waiting for me to register what he was doing (masturbating), to see the shock and horror on my face, then drove away. I got the make/model of his car and his license plate. I called the police, who came to take my statement but he was never caught.

I have also witnessed men masturbating on the T and in other public spaces over the last 30 years...some people get off on exhibition, some on embarrassing/shocking unsuspecting strangers...I would not say any of these instances were driven by meth addiction.

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I had a very similar experience in high school. I was out running and I went past a parked car with its front door open in front of one of those thick wooden utility poles. When I ran past the pole, a guy jumped out from behind it and grabbed me, but I managed to pull free. When I turned around and looked at him, he was masturbating furiously. I ran like hell.

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They get off on making women unwillingly participate in their sexual pleasure. That's why they make eye contact and make SURE you know what they're doing.

It's not meth, it's misogyny.

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