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We're under there somewhere

Swirling nor'easter clouds over New England

The scene from overhead at 9:06 a.m., taken by the GOES-16 satellite.

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The rain-snow line is in the middle of the Concord Rotary.

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I just envision one half of the rotary under a foot of snow and the other half raining and wet :p

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By 8:30am more than 1.5" of cold, heavy rain had fallen. But temps around 38f so no snow.

Meanwhile the Quabbin reservoir elevation is 526.35' as of this comment. On Dec 1st 2022 it was ~522.5' so a pretty significant rise in just a few months. (530' is 100% full.) So if anything else, all this rain is making sure we're in good shape should we have another drought this summer.

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12:25 PM - it's snow now. Great big flakes. The plows are out on the main streets.

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Very frustrating .. it's still rain in Malden and my liberal weather rabbi forbids French Toast until you can actually see snowflakes falling (the more orthodox school insists on an actual covering of snow). I'm hungry.

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Rain: check
Clouds: check
Wind: check
Snow: Your mileage may vary.

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