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More ceiling chunks rain down at a T station, this time on the commuter-rail platform at Forest Hills

Update: MBTA says it wasn't concrete, but about a pound of felt.

Two largeish concrete chunks observed this morning.



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Opened in 1987 when the Orange Line was moved to its current alignment.

With a whole new entrance built on the other side of what is, once again, the Arborway (formerly New Washington Street).


Those renovations took years and that winter with no coverage over the upper busway wasn't the most fun! That was just a few years ago at most.


They renovated the station and installed brand new gutter downspouts but hooked them up to clogged drain pipes. With enough rain the water column reached the roof and there were leaks everywhere. Seems like the project managers didn’t see the big picture here. Ceiling water leaks are unacceptable!

as many stations on the rest of the system, but 35 years old isn't young either.

It's still Charlie Baker's fault.


You have to understand, parts of ceilings are going to hit you.

Apparently this has happened before

...all you MBTA critics out there running around claiming the sky is falSMASH!!!


Which is why smart people take BPD SUVs downtown


I reported concrete chunks falling on the same platform back in September, they told me they were having maintenance look at it then. Seeing this I'd guess "checking with maintenance" is code for filing the reports directly in the trash.


Forest hills has to be one of the worst commuter rail stations. Creepy, nasty, and painting it a few years ago did not help.

Which was probably the source of the damage that caused the felt to fall.

It really seems like leaks like that would be noticeable. I mean, Poftak took the train from the station after a press conference there back in August. It was probably leaking on that dry day.

So how close are we to a repeat of this?

I was going to say "Will it take somebody dying for the T to get its act together?" But then I remembered that people already have died, such as that guy whose arm got caught in the Red Line train door. So, there's the answer, I guess.

To be fair, that did force the feds to finally drag their asses here and lay down the law. Nothing's COME of that yet, but at least the MBTA couldn't cover the whole thing up like they usually do....

Will it take someone dying for the highway system to get its act together? Because I think people have died in car accidents at some point.