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Shining a light on the Everett power plant

Light shining on the Everett power plant

Matt Frank spent sunset on the shores of the Mystic in Chelsea today and reports he got some great cloud-filtered sunlight coming down on both the Boston Edison plant that Wynn Resorts just bought next to its casino and the Tobin Bridge. He says he caught the power-plant stream at just the right moment - the light went away almost right after he took the photo.

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Technically, that's what that cloud-filtered sunlight is called, a glory.


I might have known that but forget! It really is an apt word for it because even as a non religious person you feel like that light is shining on something for a reason. What is easy to forget as a person in one space in time it looks different and is shining on a different focal point for every person in every space lol.


I took a similar photo of that same Holy Headlight from Shore Drive around 5:40 pm.

It was even cooler in person.

The evening light along the river is pretty cool this time of year. I got a photo last week of the power station from the seawall path that looked like a famous Pink Floyd album cover.

I presume that cover is their "Animals"album? Minus the flying pig I hope lol. I can see that with the clouds and lighting from the vantage point you are talking about.

Also yes on looking different in person. The filtered light and shades are hard to pick up with a camera, especially a cell phone. Mine looked much more vivid in person. I think if I had a DSLR with me I could have done a hand held hdr thing grabbing all the highlights and low lights and variances etc. The cell phones do HDR automatically but it's not the same when dealing with extreme variances.

That is something that you can do with a cell phone, then you can use a digital filters in a camera or google photos app to recover some of the dynamics.

But color richness is also an issue with these devices. Reds are particularly tricky with the ones I've had. I don't generally get good sunrise/sunset pics with the phone.


I have the Galaxy S21Ultra and it has lots of great tricks like that but yeah nothing quite compared to taking the individual exposed shots and melding them together manually. Especially with a sun blow out.

With the reds, I find it's reds and purples and extreme whites. I can control the color much more with the DSLR and mirrorless cameras in my arsenal. Sensor size becomes important and no matter how many mega pixels cell phone cameras throw at the problem the sensor is still tiny. I do find Lightroom is handy in it allows manipulation of individual colors. So I can go in and pull out the green in a tobin bridge shot without over saturating everything else. In this particular shot I actually pulled the blue back a bit because it came back way too blue.

I had some shots of the sun setting into the Shrafts building but the reds and purples etc just really were not cooperating. Bracketing would have allowed me to get an extreme dim shot to control for the sun glare and some brighter ones to add detail back in.

Thanks for sharing, Matt.

A soccer specific stadium to house our beloved Revolution would like pretty nice in this picture.

Pigs On The Wing...

you gotta be crazy.