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Natick woman who admitted she was in the Capitol on Jan. 6 appeals her 15-day sentence

Suzanne Ianni of Natick is appealing the 15-day sentence meted out by a federal judge in Washington, DC in December after she pleaded guilty to meandering around the Capitol on Jan. 6.

In addition to the stay behind bars, Ianni, who helped organize buses to take Massachusetts putschists to DC, was also ordered to perform 60 hours of community service and pay $500 in restitution - and to then spend 2 1/2 years on probation.

Ianni has yet to file a statement of reasons for appealing the sentence. The DC appeals court is still awaiting copies of transcripts from her original case in DC federal court.

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Would happily advocate for shoplifters of a particular hue to be shot on sight but can't possibly be held to the "find out" portion of her own "fuck around" moment.

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received a deficient sentencing. Tack on a year or so and add to the time under probation.

She is lucky though. Under probation she will see the reality of her "deep state." She will encounter people who will treat her, a convicted criminal, with far more respect than she treats others. She will see the reality of the judicial system when it works best. She will see that the deep state hysteria which she and her cohorts feast upon sharks always eating, and voids upon everyone else like bulls with diarrhea, is a shameful lie.

But just because she sees that she will be treated with dignity does not mean that her mind will go behind the hate that has taken over. However, while Trump will get a "You're fired" from Jesus before Donnie even applies to join the Heavenly Choir, Suzanne is still young enough to redeem herself. Maybe, maybe this fiasco and stupidity of insurrection will turn out to be her bottom.

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Grow some ovaries, woman. You got a deal.

Maybe she can cough up some more info, but she probably doesn’t have anything of value.

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A single night in jail is more than any of these snowflakes are prepared to face. For all their bluster, they are terrified of accountability and consequences.

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It seems she is not having Super Happy Fun.

Oh Suzanne Uh, I just can't cry for thee
Cause I trust my countries elections
and don't want an Oligarchy

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