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B Line couldn't get far on account of a car

Bit of collision between a trolley and a car at Chiswick Road

A roving UHub photographer captured the scene along Commonwealth Avenue at Chiswick Road when a driver realized he could not occupy the same space as a Green Line trolley shortly before 6:45 p.m. The T was forced to bustitute for about a half hour until the car and the trolley could be removed.



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What's the right of way for, if you don't use it?

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Truth hurts. Run trains into these people and they'll learn better.

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Maybe Comm Ave needs more lanes, cars keep trying to drive where the trains should go.

Really, Comm Ave should have many fewer lanes. At this point, it should have one lane in each direction, fewer crossings, and the crossings should have turn pockets, protection (gates) for crossing vehicles, and full transit priority: trains with many people should never have to stop for cars with one.

With a proper rebuild (transit signal priority at a high level, level boarding, removal of random stop signs, faster running speeds) the B Line could probably double its operating speed, which would mean half as many trains providing just as much service.

It doesn't help that someone decided that trains have to slow to 10 mph to cross streets, leading drivers to think they might be stopping and try to turn in front.

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10 mph sounds too fast for crossing streets, better slow that down to 5 mph /s

On a serious note, the last time I was in Seattle, I took the light rail and it was amazing how fast it moves down the street, because they've actually built protection gates into major crossings. You can see here as it crosses a major intersection without slowing down. It's probably moving faster through that intersection than the Green Line does anywhere today. Meanwhile, our B branch averages < 8 mph, and the C branch isn't much better.

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It’s a true battle between cars and trolleys I been damn near vehicular assaulted by a trolley driver the other day following a vigorous horn blow that damn near drove me off the road so when I see these accidents not pointing the finger on who’s right or wrong it just reminds me of that moment and how aggressive mbta drivers are becoming due to whatever long shifts short handed staff or Blatant aggravation of simply just doing there job there getting paid to do which mainly entails passenger and community safety while in route

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