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Get your swimsuit ready for your annual jump into the Charles

The Charles River Conservancy has set June 17 for this year's City Splash and One-Mile Swim, during which you'll be able to jump into the Charles from the Fiedler Dock on the Esplanade. Because the event and race have proven so popular, pre-registration for time slots or to enter the race will be required, although the group has yet to set up online pages to do so.

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Bill Weld on line one

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In the '70s, the MIT Food and Nutrition Department had an annual test where they would scoop up some Charles River water at campus and let a baby Red Eared Slider turtle bathe in it for a few minutes.

The poor thing always died shortly after.

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there's been a lot of time, and more importantly, a lot of cleanup! since the 1970s.

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competes in Division 1, when all the other MIT Sports team compete in Division 3. That turtle died so the Crew could soar!

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I've seen them in Waltham, in the so-called Lakes District.

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List of rivers flowing through major metropolitan areas I would like to swim in:


End of list

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Brave Souls. God knows what's along those shores. Watch out for needles and the ghosts.

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