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Roslindale man died at his own home in yesterday's Washington Street crash

Egidio D'Antuony, 60, a fleet manager for the Boston Parks Department, died yesterday when a driver plowed into him, his house, and another man at 3968 Washington St. in Roslindale yesterday afternoon, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. The second victim, a 62-year-old man, was transported to a local hospital, the DA's office reports.



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What a tragedy. A year or two ago there was a crazy accident in front of that same house, where the driver hit the daughter and the mom getting groceries out and we never heard any follow-up since then.

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I've always wondered about the story behind the occasional guard rails or concrete pillar I see on sidewalks in residential areas. It seems like a single instance like this should prompt a road and sidewalk redesign by the city. It's horrible that the same type of accident was allowed to happen twice.

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My colleagues and I at the Parks Department received an email about this today. Egidio D'Antuony, literally only a couple of years from retirement, was considered an outgoing and outstanding worker. I never met the man but wish I had.

Outside of work, Egidio was considered to be an excellent neighbor who spent a lot of time on his front porch greeting neighbors and those just passing by. It would seem he died doing what he loved on his porch.

What a horrible tragedy and a wake up call that real change is needed on Boston's busiest roads.

R.I.P Brother.

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How does the Boston Globe not see this worth reporting on? A person can't stand in front of their home without being hit by a car? Three home page articles on the Pats and nothing about two cars crashing into buildings in one day.

Meanwhile, they seem to think Nashville is part of the Boston area. I agree that it's important news and my heart is broken, but it doesn't belong in the Metro section.

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Glad to see they finally reported on it.

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The story had been up since at least 3:47 on Monday, 42 minutes after it was posted on UHub, likely longer (I wish they'd timestamp when a story is first posted in addition to when it was last updated). The comments have since been removed, as the Globe does sometimes when a story involves a death.

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Maybe it was posted but not showing in the first couple of pages?

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Unnamed driver in jail, correct?

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