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Developer proposes 28-unit apartment building on River Street in Hyde Park

Rendering of proposed 1081 River St.

Rendering by Context.

A Natick developer has filed plans with the BPDA to replace "an outdated two-family home of no significance" at 1081 River St. with a four-story 28-unit apartment building with 15 parking spaces.

Whiteacre Properties bought the roughly one-third-acre parcel last March for $740,000, according to Registry of Deeds records.

Its proposal calls for a mix of units, from studios to three bedrooms. Six of the units, or 21%, will be rented as affordable. City requirements call for 13% of units to be rented as affordable.

1081 River St. filings and meeting schedule.

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might have considered using a different name for speculating in Mattapan.

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I assume the mature trees along the sidewalk MUST be removed to make way for this "28-unit development of no significance".

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That tree protection ordinance cannot come soon enough. The biggest threat to trees in this city has been development because even when there is no actual reason to remove them (as seems to be the case here) they find it easier to just cut everything down than work around it. We cannot keep losing tree canopy like this.

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We need buildings like this all over the city.

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