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Bear comes out of hibernation

Keytar Bear in Downtown Crossing

Roving UHub photographer Michael C. spotted Keytar Bear jamming in Downtown Crossing today.



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Does it pay any tax to the city?

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Boston's only local taxes include property, hotel, rental car and jet fuel, as limited by state law (pretty sure that's all there is, did I miss anything?) Why would a busker be required to pay tax to the City? Not sure your point here, besides, Keytar Bear ain't hurtin' nobody and not costing Boston residents a dime, he makes a lot of folks happy just to see him, locals and tourists alike. One can debate the extent to which what he does is "art" or takes "talent", but you're free to get out there and do something that folks enjoy, make fairly low $$ and risk getting beaten and stabbed like Keytar has on multiple occasions.

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He will turn up where there has been a trauma situation - such as an asshole motorist plowing down pedestrians in broad daylight - and put away the donation basket.

This isn't the first I've seen of him this spring, though. I have some pics of him from about a month ago over by the CVS/Wendy's at Summer and Arch.

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You sound like someone with a shriveled soul.

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Do you?

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If I recall correctly, he does have a permit to be on the T and do this. Not sure about the city.

As far as taxes, how does one pay taxes to the city for this? You pay taxes to MassDOR and the IRS. but the city does not collect income tax. What other taxes are you thinking of?

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I don't believe Boston has any permit program for street musicians. The T and Cambridge do.

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I want to see him strike the mother load by playing 1970s Bruins game keyboard classics next to Orr's statue on game nights!! My God has anyone thought of that? Please let him do that!!

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I hope to catch a glimpse of Keytar Bear. He's a local treasure in the mode of Mr. Butch. Keep Boston musical and weird!

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In early March I walked past him playing enthusiastically by Faneuil Hall. It was mid-morning on a mild Saturday. He brought a good vibe to the place and I was equally pleased to see a nicely filled donation container in front of him.

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I heard/saw him in from of the Back Bay Starbucks on Dartmouth Street on a random weekday morning a few weeks back. Great way to start the day.

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Keytar Bear is multiple people.


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Aren't we *all* Keytar Bear? In some way?
Maybe somebody could dub appropriate audio in this clip:

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He's multiple bears.

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He was in Savin Hill today at their annual Easter Egg hunt!

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This bear is friendlier than Yogi, cuter than BooBoo and makes wherever he stands and plays a better place.

I really like this guy.

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Hurray for Keytar Bear!

He's out of hibernation and so am I!

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I remember seeing the bear outside Park Street station, the first time I'd seen him since one of the infamous bear-bashing incidents. I was so happy to see him, I made a fool of myself cheering and yelling how happy I was to see him back. I think I confused a lot of tourists.

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Any bets on how long before he's assaulted and robbed?

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