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BC High wins approval for new pool, fitness center

Rendering of proposed new complex

Rendering by EMA.

The Zoning Board of Appeal today approved Boston College High School's plans to build a $49-million "wellness complex" on its Morrissey Boulevard campus.

The 42,000-square-foot P.F. Cadigan '52 Family Foundation Wellness Complex, which would wrap around the school's existing gym, comes through a bequest from Patrick F. Cadigan, a member of the class of 1952, who died in 2020.

Cadigan, who became a corporate CEO and real-estate investor in southern California, had earlier donated $12 million to the school for an arts and recreation center.

The new natatorium will have an eight-lane, 25-yard-long swimming pool and 1- and 3- meter diving boards, as well as a weight room, cardio space and a kitchen aimed at teaching nutrition wellness.



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Learning to swim should be a priority.

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BC High had its Universal Gym weight room equipment tucked away in the Science building back in the 1970s. The actual gym was basically just a full sized basketball court. Tag football was played in front of the main building. Good times!

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