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Marching to confront the Redcoats

Minutemen and followers marching to Old North Bridge in Concord

Michael Sentance watched a troop of Minutemen and followers in Concord on their morning march to destiny to Old North Bridge.

Meanwhile, down in Coolidge Corner, Michael Burstein watched William Dawes sound the alarum that the regulars were coming, on his way from the North End:

Recreation of William Dawes's ride through Brookline


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In boots, with heavy loads, through swamps and then across land as the temperature soared while they wore their red wool coats.

Its a fifty mile turn to Concord and back.

While they did have a "relay" of sorts going on, they were also being shot at. Had they not stopped to commit atrocities in Arlington Center more of them would have made it back to the ships.

Meanwhile, colonial militias from Danvers and Woburn walked and then ran to what is now Arlington Center. More marathon distances, not in running shoes.

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Having grown up in a city that isn't into history, I love all the Patriots Day weekend reenactments. When I was married I lived in Lincoln. One thing I appreciated was the annual ceremony that commemorates both the Minutemen and British dead.

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British soldiers killed in the battle in Lincoln were properly buried because the families living along Bay Road - people whose homes and neighbors and family came under attack - felt it was the right thing to do for those whos comrades had to leave them behind.


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