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Just because a woman's about to give you oral sex in your car doesn't mean you can be a slob and toss your unfinished burger out the window, man learns

An alleged marijuana dealer was arrested a couple of blocks away from a Roslindale McDonald's after a resident spotted him tossing McDonald's wrappers and an unfinished burger out his window and called 911 to complain - about the trash, not the oral sex that was the apparent reason he tossed the meal, according to a court filing by the Suffolk County District Attorney's office.

The man was charged with lewd, wanton and lascivious conduct for allegedly getting sucked off in public, then not zipping up, and with possession of a Class D substance with intent to distribute, for the 11 ounces of marijuana and related paraphernalia, according to the filing in Suffolk Superior Court, in which the DA's office seeks to seize the $5,693 in cash it says the officers found.

The filing describes how the man allegedly came to be arrested:

After a resident called 911 on May 2 to report somebody had just dumped some trash on the street and was now just sitting in his car on Mount Calvary Road - a couple blocks away from the McDonald's on American Legion Highway - the DA's office reports, arriving BPD officers found the fast-food detritus in the street next to the driver's side of a Sentra, and two people in the car: The driver, behind the wheel, wearing a ski mask, and a woman busy applying her mouth to his genitals.

The woman sat up, but the man made no effort to stow his junk when the officers sidled up to his car and asked him to roll down his window. He did do that, but then just smiled at them.

Because he was wearing a ski mask, turned out to be on probation until 2027 on an unspecified conviction and was in an area where a housebreak had recently been reported, the officers asked if they could search his car. His answer - that he had "nothing in the car, really," raised their suspicions and they decided to cuff him for fear he had a gun in the vehicle, the complaint continues.

At that point, he began to struggle, the filing states. The officers managed to place him in handcuffs - and found $5,593 in cash on him. In an inventory search before the car was towed, they found another $100 in cash, the 11 ounces of marijuana, multiple plastic bags, three phones and a scale, all, the DA's office says, consistent with somebody doing street sales of marijuana.

If approved by a judge, Boston Police would hold the money until the outcome of the case. If the man is found guilty, the money would be seized permanently.

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might have written it up as the case of the chicken-bob knob slob kabob lob.

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... for Bob Loblaw's Law Blog!

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McDonald's stopped serving hot dogs in the 90s.. the headlines for this story would be awesome.

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If he had just gone to the Simco's at the other end of the mall.

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Damn shame we didn't get a "Chick-fil-Atio" containing headline.

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not to remember they serve souvlaki and chicken kabobs; I reviewed them for the Phoenix back in the day.

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That's disappointing.

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Had to make the dressing first.

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Happy Ending Meal

Guess the cops didn't think he "deserved a break today"

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the charming antiquity of girls still giving it up for McDonald's

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i woodve guessed altima but its still in line.

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Anathema to me as a Vermonter. It's the behavior of people who own nothing, thus, they take no pride in what their community looks like.

Not that I own property either, but this is a valid reason to scorn poor people. Civil forfeiture is gross, but this is what's known in tennis as an unforced error.

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There's a lot that's unusual to unpack here (including the cops being responsive) but who the fuck is still dealing weed in MA when dispensaries are selling ounces for $100 or close to it?

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