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The stories some Providence Line riders could tell, of their ride that turned into the journey from hell

MBTA Commuter Rail reported at 7:47 p.m. that a train that left Wickford Junction at 4:35 p.m. remained stuck in Sharon, more than two hours after it was supposed to pull into South Station, because of a dreaded "mechanical issue," and now the crew and passengers are waiting for the 5:48 p.m. train from Wickford Junction to arrive and try to push it all the way into town, or off the tracks or something.



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Isn't this kind of routine? I've never been stuck for 2 hours, but in my infrequent use of the CR I've been stuck in the middle of nowhere for 45 minutes waiting for another train twice.

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Commuter rail unreliability is the scandal that needs to exist.

Each MBTA locomotive breaks down once a month on average. If your car broke down that often, would you keep driving it? Or would you buy something different, and change your maintenance routine?

What if it broke down in such a way that nobody else could get past it on the only road that served your town?

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Did it get hot again? Like it normally gets hot in July?

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