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Readville scrapyard fire restarts

Fire anew at Readville scrapyard

Photo by David Shorr.

Firefighters had to return to the scene of yesterday's scrapyard fire on Wolcott Street in Readville this morning when it reignited this morning.

Roving UHub photographer David Shorr was there around 6:50 a.m., when smoke was again billowing from the emergency hot-load snuffing area surrounded by cinder blocks at the James G. Grant Co. site:

Emergency Hot Load Snuffing Area
Smoke again

At yesterday's fire, BFD reported firefighters had to unroll thousands of feet of hose to get enough water from some fairly distant hydrants, like this one, which Shorr photographed yesterday (he adds firefighters also had to break through a fence separating the scrapyard from a neighboring apartment complex).

Lot of hose


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It’s kind of like the Springfield Tire Fire.

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if Menino was still Mayor.

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