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Fire on Lorna Road in Mattapan coupled with water-main break that flooded the street

Flooding in area of Lorna Road

The Boston Fire Department reports it was not a good day on Lorna Road, near where Lorna and Doone Avenue intersect, shortly before 2:40 p.m.

While attacking fire at 68 Lorna Rd, companies are now standing over a major water main break which has Lorna Rd starting to buckle & is flooding homes & streets from 79 Lorna, down to Lena Terrace & across to W. Seldon.



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Or, when was that part of Dot developed?

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We are well prepared for press conferences.

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There was also a water main break in the Fenway today.


Would love to know why so many of our water mains seem to be breaking lately. Is it incompetent repair crews? Would love an investigation on this. It seems absurd (& costly) expense considering water mains should only break during sub-zero temperatures.

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that both the Mattapan and Fenway water breaks coincided with the battling the fires. I wonder if drawing the extra water to battle of fires puts pressure on the mains.

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When a water main turns a corner, there's extra strain on the pipe due to the water's acceleration (change of direction). Maybe when the flow rate is higher, or changes suddenly, it can be the last straw?

(There are supposed to be big concrete blocks to brace the pipe there, but pipes don't last forever and things might settle over time so that the block isn't supporting the pipe.)

Dunno how plausible this is, though.

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