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Hyde Square sub shop shutting down

Debbie Adamidis, owner of Capt. Nemo's, 367 Centre St. in Jamaica Plain, reports she'll be closing on Oct. 1:

We have been here in JP for 25 years and are thankful to the neighborhood for supporting us. We also had a different location prior for 13 years in Kenmore Sq, But the time has come for them to retire after 38 years in the business. Again thank you all for your support !!

We will miss you and are looking forward to everyone sticking by to say goodbye.



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Used to end up there after the clubs back in the 80's (that and Pizza Pad.) I always wondered if the JP store was related. Now I know.

Farewell Cap'n!

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It would be great if a place that sold good coffee would move in.

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The salami sub was my go to late night munchies fix as a BU student, and I got it a lot. I was very saddened when the store disappeared as part of the process ushering in the new Kenmore. Imagine my delight, when several years later I discovered the Hyde Square location. Even more delightful, they remembered me! It had probably been at least five years, but they still knew me and were pleased to see me. I've only stopped by a few times over the years, but will definitely have to get one more Salami sub before the final day.

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