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Venerable Victoria's Diner gets new owner, who plans to keep it open 24/7

Update: Board voted to grant a liquor license, should one be found at City Hall.

Victoria's Diner, which has been slinging hash at 1024 Massachusetts Ave. in Newmarket Square since 1949, has a new owner who says he plans to keep things mainly the way they are, just upgraded a bit and with 24-hour service every day and, if he can get it, a license to serve liquor until 1 a.m.

The diner had been open 24 hours on weekends at least until the pandemic hit.

At a Boston Licensing Board hearing today, new owner Henry Mu, who previously operated Lot 401 in Providence - and who learned the restaurant business growing up in Tokyo - said he might do a bit of sprucing up of the place and its menu, but nothing that would alienate the neighborhood residents, first responders, city workers, politicians and other people who have been going there for decades.

Board Chairwoman Kathleen Joyce, who lives in Dorchester, had a pressing question, though: Will Mu keep the lemon meringue pie? "I'll keep that on the menu for you," he said.

State Sen. Liz Miranda (D-2nd Suffolk) enthusiastically supported Mu's application to serve food and alcohol at the diner, saying she's been eating there for her entire life. "I'm super excited it will remain very similar," she said. Also supporting the license request: City Councilors Frank Baker (Dorchester) and Ed Flynn (South Boston, South End, Chnatown, Downtown).

Mu bought the restaurant from Damian and Sheree Marciante, who in turn had purchased it in 2011 from the original owners, the Georgenes family.



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Drop the " 's " from Victoria's and go back to the original name.

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Anybody keeping tabs on how many times this thing has been refurbished? Am I imagining things or was it really on stilts at one point? Kind of a Space Age Bachelor Pad design aesthetic.

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The building on stilts is next door. (Looks that building used to be a Citizens Bank and is now a non profit that works with youth violence.)

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