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Some people just can't leave their work at the office

Desk, suitcase on the Green Line

Theodore Hook couldn't help but notice this traveling desk on the E Line inbound from North Station today.

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When you see a great table on the curb on trash day, you do what you have to do. :)


I'll never feel bad getting on to a bus with a 10 stack of lumber (cut to 6') all bundled in rope.

I profusely apologized to the driver.. and he as like "no sweat man, you should see what people try to bring on the bus" . Then he told me about someone who brought a mattress on the bus once... ugh.


But did they try to use it?


Only if they wanted to have sex in the worst way ...


and for some reason I ended up with plenty of room on the bus.

You know how it is. Office closed during COVID and never opened back up, you're sick of spending all your time at home, you start thinking laterally about other workplaces.


Where he keeps his log of number of tickets taken, arrival and departure time at each station, unruly behavior by passengers, etc.


That looks like what I think is called a campaign desk.

Maybe someone is on a campaign.


...but, unfortunately, not on the fast track.


I once picked up a new, large computer monitor at the Coolidge Corner Post Office, and got on the #66 bus to Allston, standing room only, with the big box under my arm. (I stood near the front, careful not to bang the thing into other passengers standing nearby.) Since it was in the manufacturer's box, there was a big logo and lettering on it, you could see what brand and model it was. The guy standing next to me (whom I hadn't tried to speak to) spent the whole ride telling me why I'd bought the wrong monitor, that it was a piece of crap and I should have bought the kind he used. I didn't respond, just gave him the beady eye but he wouldn't shut up. What fun.

P.S. Do you think I could bring a big chair mat on the B train from Staples downtown? Thanks.