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South Station train service comes up lame on account of a fiery wall of flame

Sparks raining down at South Station

Sparks raining down at South Station.

Adriana Lacy was at South Station around 1 p.m. when a shower of sparks and flames burst downward at South Station:

Boston Area Public Safety Alerts reports the Boston Fire Department responded not long after to deal with "fire on track extending to roof" on track 1, but that it declared an all out seven minutes later. The MBTA's exTwitter feed lit up with announcements of delayed South Station service.



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There's a big building under construction right above the station.

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Something fell on the overhead wire.

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If they have the right safety team on board, no welding sparks will reach beyond the general vicinity of the welder. ESPECIALLY with the general public in the area. And they will have welding blankets and a fire watch.

Note this is for occupied situations.

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