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Citizen complaint of the day: Synchronized light show at Chester Park is wicked annoying

Imagine all these lights blinking on and off over and over

Imagine all these lights blinking on and off over and over and over.

A concerned citizen files a 311 report about the blinking lights along Chester Park on Massachusetts Avenue:

Now every streetlight along the odd side of Mass Ave in the 550 block is blinking. Dozens of times a minute - all of them - the whole block. It was the even side before, now it is the odd side.

Somebody reported a similar phenomenon there on Dec. 21. The city marked that complaint "resolved" on Dec. 27.



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Curious if the snow is screwing up the sensors...

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To recognize how awful those acorn light fixtures are. When converting to LEDs, the city had an opportunity to select a dark sky friendly, full cutoff light fixture that directed light down, not up. Instead, they went with this crap luminaire.

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Pull your shades and draw your blinds,

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Sounds like a power glitch set this off. I have a set of LED lights in a pre-LED bath fixture that will do this after a brownout if I don't reset them (turn off ... wait ... turn on).

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