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No irony: Councilor who demanded immediate vote on public-safety grant last week blocked immediate vote on another public-safety grant this week

Last week, Councilor Ed Flynn (South Boston, South End, Chinatown, Downtown) demanded and won immediate passage of a federal public-safety grant, which he said was too important to wait for a hearing so that the council's four new councilors and others could get up to speed on it.

Today, Flynn blocked action on another federal public-safety grant so the council's four new councilors could get up to speed on it.

Last week's grant was for more than $13 million, and would be shared with neighboring communities. Today's proposal involved a much smaller amount - $92,735.50 - but City Councilor Brian Worrell (Dorchester) called for an immediate vote because it would help support critical work being done by the city's Emergency Operations Center.

Under council rules, immediate votes on matters without a hearing have to be unanimous. Flynn said he wanted to learn more about the measure first, and said the "newer members" deserve a chance to learn more as well.

Council President Ruthzee Louijeune then sent the measure to the council's committee for public safety and criminal justice for a hearing.

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No one no matter how new needed to get up to speed on the very controversial BRIC grant.

Voting closed 4

Flynn is a grandstander. Nothing new here.

Voting closed 5