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Teens attack worker at Revere Stop & Shop after she tells them to stop riding the robot, police say

WBZ reports two teens who were riding the Revere Stop & Shop's Marty went ballistic when a store employee told them to stop it, beating her to the ground and then continuing to kick her - as a third teen videoed the whole thing.

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A bit of the old ultra-violence

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A few of them will be Revere cops in a few years?

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then count on it.

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After all, A Clockwork Orange was based on what Burgess was seeing around him.

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Probably not relevant, but it makes me even sadder.

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indicative of a society which glorifies toxic heterosexual masculinity.

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I’m sure there are plenty of assault oriented posts where you could equate the incident to toxic heterosexual masculinity. But this is about a group of girls violating the personal space of a robot and beating up a female grocery store worker.

There’s definitely a story somewhere about some frat bros beating up other frat bros or doing something violently douchy. But not the store clerk coming to the defense of a helpless robot story. This needs a different explanation other than generic toxic straight male masculinity.

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At least it was a girl on girl fight.

Nothing worse than if the instigators were men and the assailant was female. Thats even worse.

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I was just SURE "riding the robot" would have a great Urban Dictionary meaning but alas (maybe it needs one?). But there is "riding the roomba" which happens when a cat is bored with all the other distractions (laser pens, catnip infused cat toys etc.) and is so bored it just rides around on the roomba. Which is kinda what happened here except for the violent end, like the cat suddenly hops off the roomba and wails on the dog. Kids, get a life and leave the working stiffs alone, please.

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If the kids had brought a cat to the store and put it on Marty's head as it ambled around the store, that would have been a hilarious video. (Assuming the cat wasn't terrified.)

But no, they decided to take it in another direction and show the world they are utter losers.

I hope S&S does something good for that poor employee.

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