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In Charlestown, two developers win approval for new life-sciences complex while another readies plans for new residential complex

Rendering of proposed 66 Cambridge St.

Rendering of proposed 66 Cambridge St. by SGA and DREAM Collaborative.

The BPDA board last week approved plans for a two-building life-sciences complex at 66 Cambridge St. in Sullivan Square, an Orange Line stop away from where another developer says it will soon file detailed plans for a 700-unit residential complex.

Approval of The Owens Companies and the Fallon Co.'s 800,000-square-foot life-sciences complex comes just as demand for life-sciences space in the Boston area is slowing.
SGA and DREAM Collaborative

In addition to lab and related office space, their proposed four-acre project will include 10,000 square feet of ground-floor retail space and nearly an acre of publicly accessible open space, as well as 482 parking spaces. The site would include sidewalks aimed at re-stitching the Lost Village with the rest of Charlestown.

Also last week, Trinity Financial submitted a "letter of intent," signalling it will soon submit formal plans to replace what are now parking lots near the Community College T stop with four buildings with a total of 900,000 square feet of space for "approximately 700 residential units, artist live/work space, gallery space, commercial space, indoor recreational space, and early childhood education space," along with 245 parking spaces, a public plaza and playing fields. The residential units would be split between apartments and condos.

The BPDA selected Trinity last fall to redevelop the city-owned lots, based on an application that promised that 58% of the apartments would be rented to people making no more than 50% of the Boston area median income - with 100 of the apartments going to people making no more than 50% of that level. Some 56% of the condos would be sold to people making between 80% and 100% of that level, under the company's winning bid.

66 Cambridge St. filings.
Austin Street Lots redevelopment filings.



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So they're replacing the main MBTA CR maintenance facility and the OL between Community and Sullivan with trees? Neat!

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Still waiting on the MBTA to do absolutely ANYTHING about Sullivan Square Station... been in a holding pattern for years...

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More pieces to fall off first.

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