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Man on scooter charged as fentanyl dealer after arrest at Brigham Circle

A Dorchester man faces federal drug charges after, investigators say, he used a scooter to ferry 30,000 fentanyl pills and more than four pounds of other narcotics from his Dorchester apartment to a Mission Hill parking lot on Friday.

Alcikendi Mejia Mejia, also known as Edwin Rafael Gandia Cabrera, will be charged with three counts of distribution and possession with intent to distribute controlled
substance, according to documents unsealed today in US District Court.

Mejia was arrested around 6:50 p.m. in the parking lot of the Brigham Circle Stop & Shop as the culmination of a DEA investigation in which a "confidential source" in the pay of DEA and an undercover agent had made two other purchases of fentanyl from Mejia in parking lots along Morrissey Boulevard in Dorchester, according to an affidavit by a DEA agent.

In the Morrissey Boulevard sales, Mejia had driven up in a Chevy Cruze.

According to the affidavit, Mejia contacted the guy working with the feds around 10:40 a.m. on Friday to say he had the 30,000 fentanyl pills the guy wanted and was trying to procure the two kilos of fentanyl powder and cocaine he had also requested. He texted a photo of a gray shopping bag with the pills in it

DEA agents drove the guy in a maroon Altima with a hidden microphone - the Stop & Shop parking lot, and got out. The guy got in the driver's seat, then called Mejia to tell him where he was, the affidavit states.

Around the same time, surveillance observed MEJIA in Dorchester, with a bag, walking to a black and red scooter, getting on the scooter, and departing from that area.

Shortly after 6:40 p.m., surveillance observed MEJIA arrive at the meet location on the scooter, circle the parking lot multiple times, park the scooter in the area of the Altima, and walk from the scooter to the Altima.

At about 6:48 pm, surveillance observed MEJIA enter the Altima with a grey plastic shopping bag.

After some time, surveillance observed that MEJIA got out of the Altima, went back to his scooter, and returned to the Altima.

MEJIA remained in the maroon Altima for about twenty minutes before getting out, looking to the entrance of the parking lot, and motioning towards a gray colored Honda CRV (the "CRV"). The CRV parked next to the Altima, and MEJIA got into the rear passenger seat of the CRV. A short time later, MEJIA exited the CRV and got back into the Altima. Video shows that, when MEJIA got back into the Altima, he pulled at least one wrapped, marked brick from the inside of his hooded sweatshirt.

A few minutes later, the CS popped the trunk to the Altima, exited the Altima, and walked to the back of the Altima. Law enforcement approached the Altima and removed MEJIA from the front passenger seat.

On the floor of the front passenger seat, where MEJIA had been sitting, law enforcement found a grey plastic shopping bag that contained approximately 30,000 blue colored pills wrapped in plastic and two brick-shaped objects wrapped in plastic.

The affidavit does not state where the CRV came from or who was driving it.

Innocent, etc.

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