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Big Day Boston - the friendly downtown birding competition - returning May 4th

Big Day Boston group photo

Big Day Boston, the friendly downtown birding competition, is returning to Copp's Hill Terrace in Boston's North End, Saturday, May 4th, 2024.

Participants will compete to spot the most species of birds over a six hour period starting at 10am. All will receive a checklist to keep track of their sightings.

Last years event welcomed 113 participants from five states who collectively identified 78 species - all within the confines Downtown Boston's Beacon Hill, Charlestown, Chinatown, Downtown, Leather District, North End, and West End neighborhoods.

Last year's winner, Ingrid Messbauer, spotted 35 unique species!

Registration for the event is free, required to participate, and is open here:

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Magoo luvs birds and birding!!!!!!! Magoo’s birder name is Birdo. Magoo “singing” off as Birdo. Birdo. Magoo.

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