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Like lemons into lemonade: Allston group wants to beautify neighborhood rat traps

The Rat City Arts Festival, which as its name implies, is in Allston, is sponsoring a program to artists to paint a bunch of empty black rat-bait stations, which will then be spread around the neighborhood for residents, and the more artistically inclined rodents, to enjoy, sort of like the city's utility-box painting program, just lower to the ground:

Yes, let's turn these Rat traps into beautiful pieces of art. Both for neighbors of Allston-Brighton and Rats, we all deserve to see amazing artwork when walking through our neighborhood. These traps, which rarely stop any rats, can become something better, something beautiful.

Selected artists, who have until April 19 to submit proposals, will get $100 a box, but have to supply their own paint.

The group adds that lovers of rat-eating hawks and owls needn't worry: The painted boxes will not be baited with rat poison or anything else, just adorned with a QR code that anybody bending down to take a look can use to get more information about the artist and the program.

To be clear, there are no harmful elements within the box to humans or to rats. These are empty rat trap boxes. No person or rat will be injured in the making or display of our rat traps.

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Not appropriate. If you are going to paint it, paint bold letters that say "Fatal to pets if ingested". Or for small kids ..this is not a toy box with candy inside".

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… not beautified.
This is just gruesome.

Pre April Fools Day joke?


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Get some pictures of the hawks, owls, bald eagle, and other victims of poisoned rodents and decoupage them to the traps.

Rat poison is raptor poison.

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And dogs!!!

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Are the traps fresh or used? This contest has raises questions than answers.

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how about putting in a 311 complaint about the City not doing anything about rodents over running the City?

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Lots of screaming about the danger of rat poison, even though the post clearly notes that the boxes will be empty...Did Adam add that bit later or is no one actually reading to the end?

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Because that was one of the first things I thought about when I read about this, to be honest.

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… before I posted. Before I read that they are empty, I assumed it was already April Fool’s Day. It’s a ludicrous and offensive proposal. Gallows humor aside.

It makes no difference other than safety for artists if the traps they would be provided are for actual use or not. Decorating rat traps and littering public space with them as if they were something innocuous like utility boxes cutsefies and normalizes torturing and killing wildlife and pets. Which is exactly what rat poison does.

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I enjoy the beauty of the new boxes, I wish they would redo the one in front of Mother Caroline Academy, it looks like a child drew it.

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