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Two bouncers learn you can't strike patrons even if they are being complete assholes

A bouncer at Game On in the Fenway lost his job after smacking one alleged jerk of a customer in the forehead with his flashlight, while a bouncer at Candibar in the Theater District was suspended for a week after punching a customer who made an particularly crude remark about his 11-year-old daughter.

The Boston Licensing Board heard testimony in both cases this morning and could decide Thursday whether either incident merits any sort of sanction.

The Game On incident at Game On on Lansdowne Street began around 12:35 a.m. on Oct. 8, when two patrons went downstairs to shoot some baskets in an arcade game there, only they got bored or something, climbed on the game, tossed all the basketballs out and began trying to make the hoop from across the floor. Bouncers determined it was time for them to go and escorted them out.

One of the ball tossers told police a bouncer pushed him as they got to the street, so he shoved the bouncer back, at which point the bouncer struck him a couple of times in the forehead with his flashlight, opening an inch-long gash that required stitches, police told the board, adding that whether the bouncer has to face assault-and-battery charges is now before a clerk magistrate in Roxbury Municipal Court.

A manager terminated the bouncer, who had worked at Game On for about six months, that night, one manager told the board, adding Game On has a strict no-hitting-patrons rule for its workers.

Around 11:55 p.m. on Jan. 27 at Candibar on Warrenton Street in the Theater District, a guy started giving a doorman trouble for daring to look over his passport, police and club owner Charles Delpidio told the board. The man, who was of Asian descent, accused the doorman of being anti-Asian, which the doorman objected to, telling the guy he had an Asian daughter.

"The comment that he made was terrible," Delpidio said. " 'I probably fucked your daughter.' Why would a man say something so crude to another man?"

The doorman punched the guy right in the nose. "He hit him, yes, he did," Delpidio acknowledge. "It was just that bad."

Candibar suspended the man for a week and Delpidio said that employees have been re-trained not to punch patrons, no matter how reprehensible they might be - and to immediately call 911 and let police handle any particularly reprehensible reprobates.

He continued that doorman is possibly the toughest job in the club business - you spend long hours in often bad weather, dealing with awful people. The particular doorman has worked for him for more than 20 years. "He has been with me for so long, I depend on him to do the right thing at the door and he has" - at least up until that moment - and that being a doorman is just one of the two jobs the man has to support his family, which includes, in addition to that one daughter, four other children.

Under questioning from Delpidio, Sgt. Det. William Gallagher, agreed that in his ten years in the BPD licensing unit, the man "has always treated us with respedct and dignity and made us feel welcome."

As in the Game On case, a clerk magistrate, in Boston Municipal Court, will determine whether the bouncer has to face a criminal charge, police told the board.



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Violence should be avoided, but there are very few parents who wouldn’t react poorly to a crude declaration of pedophilia. He’s lucky he got away with a single punch.

The patron’s name should be included in your article, Gavin, so everyone knows what kind of person he really is.

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It's Gaffin.

In any case, the patron is not facing any charges, so it didn't seem right to name him.

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If it's Gavin McLeod, just know I've had a crush on you since the 6th grade, when I couldn't actually watch Love Boat, because in my religious family, it was "too adult oriented."

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I'm not a big fan of comments like that, but I wouldn't say its a "declaration of pedophilia".

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The asshole didn't necessarily know the daughter's age.

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Mine and many I know would not have set such a bad example.

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Everyone in a public-facing job should be allowed to deck one person a year. With sealed records, so you don't know if that checkout clerk you're yelling at to honor your expired coupon has used their one shot up this year or not.

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Can you use a bat or a blunt object, or give your one-a-year to a stronger person and hire them to punch someone for you? Otherwise no one is going to care whether a small, slight checkout clerk still has their one shot left, but we'd all be scared of people who look like they're good at punching.

I get where you're coming from: the Stone Age. But all of the societies that people want to be a part of were created specifically to prevent might-makes-right a-holes from intimidating and beating people, so... there's the door, if you want out.

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Wish granted: that one person they're allowed to deck is you.

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I think it would hard for anyone not to be on Candibar bouncer's side.

But Game On guy... hitting someone with a flashlight is no joke. If it's a maglight or something metal, could cause serious serious injury or head trauma. He's lucky he's not facing assault with a dangerous weapon charges, yet.

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I think it would hard for anyone not to be on Candibar bouncer's side.

I’m not.

Responding to words, no matter how vile and provocative, with physical violence is never OK. That goes double for persons placed in a position of trust, whose job entails the use of force to maintain order.

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