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Citizen complaint of the day: There's a turkey in Charlestown

Turkey in Charlestown

Why is it crossing the road?

A concerned citizen filed a 311 report today to alert the city there was a turkey at Nearen Row and Tremont Street in Charlestown.



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All of us in Dorchester and JP: LOL

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At least the one in Charlestown isn't camped out on the green line tracks: they occasionally block green line B in Brighton, as well as green line C in Brookline.

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They’ve been crossing back and forth on American Legion. The trio I’ve been seeing over the past few weeks are adorable

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The Tom

There are over 300 turkey sightings in Boston every year. Most of these turkeys live in a one-square-mile neighborhood called Charlestown.

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Turkey, pigeon, sparrow.... just normal avian residents.

I understand the lulz.

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People whose first response to seeing an animal is to call the city to get rid of it disturb me.

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Beautiful bird.

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Animal Care & Control does not handle native animal complaints.This is like calling them because a bat got into your kitchen.

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And LOL!

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There’s lots of Turkeys in chucktown

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Flattening a squirrel or a pigeon isn’t fun. (Giving you the benefit of the doubt here).

But when you fatally injure a big animal like a turkey, you may end up with nightmares.

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