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The sound of a Readville train horn on blast for 22 straight minutes

HoofbeatsEqualZebra lives on Fairmount Hill, just perfect to catch all the sound from the train yards and tracks of Readville, including the now infamous 22-minute stuck-on-blast hornshow late in the evening of April 16. He even recorded part of it (only 40 seconds, but for full effect, just let it keep looping for 22 minutes).



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would have appreciated it.

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I grew up near an elementary school that had an air raid siren, a relic of the Cold War days. You want LOUD? Live next to one of those things for a while.

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But you know the trains were there first so they can do whatever they want and no one has the right to complain.

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You are wrong! They have no right to be irresponsible.
Oh, by the way, have you heard about the bridge that is closed in Hyde Park? It will be closed for close to 3 years. Only because the trains will not give us the time to repair the bridge over the tracks!

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There is a legal concept known as "coming to the nuisance" that may apply here.


There have been people that have moved in to ew buildings downtown near some late night clubs and restaurants that often have noise when they close down and people are heading out en masse to go home, and this concept has been applied.

The sad fact is that social media is fife with people moving to apartments and condos all over Boston sight-unseen because they have taken a position here. Often they wind up in a roach motel and a non-breakable lease not to mention unscrupulous management companies and landlords. The same can be true if you move in to an active rail yard.

The Northeast Corridor (NEC) the main line from Boston to NYC is coming up on a repair schedule to rebuild the tracks. Some spot work has already been done. This work can often only be done at night and I can only imagine what pearl clutching that will cause. And yes, I have lived through that process a few times in my life so I know what to expect.

Broken horns that sound for 22 minutes, well it can happen.

BTW - The MBTA is planning to expand train storage in Readville on a section of tracks approaching the industrial park and just south of the Fairmount train platform which has been used primarily by CSX. If you want to have a robust rail system to take cars off the road you need someplace to park the trains overnight.

The laugh I get is how busy the whole area was with a rail repair shop (now part of Industrial Way approached from the Readville Station parking lot off Milton Street. Back in the day that was 24/7/365 mechanical noise repairing locomotives and coaches.

Boston is not North Adams

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Hyde Park has it all!
The trains have multiple tracks in our town. They blow their horns all the time and if you live close enough, the steady hummmmmm of the diesel engines really helps you sleep.
Also, we are a Logan flight path when the prevailing winds call for it, usually southwest winds. 5AM until noon is a great time for jets to fly overhead. Again, really helps you sleep.
Were we here before the jets? Yes!
Why can't the trains behave?

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Someone should be logging in to tell us how you should just put up with it if you live in a city. Also that easiest solution is to just move. (Suck it up buttercup!)

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