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Porch pirates nabbed in Mattapan, Dorchester, police say

Boston Police report arresting two alleged package thieves and one shoplifter over the past week, two at Washington and Morse streets in Dorchester and one at 108 River St. in Mattapan.

Police report that officers specifically looking for package thieves in the Four Corners area of Dorchester spotted Mark Graham, 57, and Manee Ruiz, 49, around 5 p.m. on Wednesday. Graham matched the description of a man wanted for past porch thievery, so he and Ruiz were arrested, police say.

Further investigation revealed that Ms. Ruiz was subject to two active warrants. Upon searching the suspects, officers uncovered several items confirmed to have been stolen in the aforementioned incidents.

Graham was charged with larceny from a building, receiving stolen property and possession of burglarious tools. Ruiz was detained on one warrant from Boston Municipal Court for larceny and another from Cambridge District Court for shoplifting, police say.

Police report that officers patrolling the area of River Street near Central Avenue, last Wednesday night, also because of reports of package thefts, spotted Robin Allen, 62, of Mattapan, go up the front steps of 108 River St. and retrieve two packages.

The suspect then walked down the stairs with the packages, when he observed the officers and stopped moving.

Officers exited their cruiser and immediately placed the suspect into handcuffs. After further investigation, officers were able to determine that the suspect did not live at that location. Officers were later able to return the stolen packages to the rightful owner.

Allen was charged with larceny from a building and trespassing, police say.

Innocent, etc.



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Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Magoo.

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Again, I always thought, and I suspect others thought, that this was a felony. It should be punished much more severely than other comparable thefts. Why isn’t it?

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Should be as serious as interfering with the U.S. Mail, which used to be a really big deal. As a kid, some friends and I put snowballs in a mailbox, and got a tongue-lashing I never forgot.

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Porch pirates are such an obnoxious part of city life.

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I still laugh at the idiot who pirated the lobby of my apartment building several years ago…. The badly taped box was RETURNED because it was filled with ostomy supplies (pee bags).

I guess they don’t have any street value….

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I think "burglarious" may be my new favorite word.

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We have a serious porch pirate problem around here, anything expensive and able to fit in a locker( if using Amazon) is your best bet.
The police don't seem capable of doing much, not that it's always possible anyway, you show them ring video and hope the thieves walk by a construction detail bragging about it loud enough for the two cops looking at guys working to hear them. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

I know I'm Negative Nancy, it's that time of the month....lol

Congrats to these officers though, good job.

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