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This is not just some hooey: The Red Line goes kablooie

This morning, the day after the MBTA announced the end of slow zones on the Blue Line (if not the end of dead trains and malfunctioning signals, the Red Line has turned into a swampy morass of not-getting-anywhere-fast.

The T was already running shuttle buses between JFK/UMass and Park Street for some of that good old surge track-fixing when, smack in tthe middle of rush hour came word a train decided to park its carcass just before JFK/UMass on the Braintree branch and just not move ever again.

Seconds turned into minutes and now hours as the T assembled a squadron of buses to ferry people between North Quincy and JFK/UMass, and broke out its usual emergency declaration that riders could also hop on the commuter rail - or the 210 bus.

Riders promptly queued up in long lines to wait for a bus.

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I don’t know if I hated the train ride or the shuttle more. Probably the shuttle as it was stuck in a line of other shuttles at Downtown Crossing and was plenty slow before that too. I think the first time they shut the Ashmont branch they did a good job of handling traffic and shuttle efficiency. Not this time.

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People at JFK were volatile and angry. I got a little nervous about where shit was headed a couple of times. Once on the shuttle and then on the platform.

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I remember the first time they shut the Ashmont branch. That shuttle ride seemed to take forever to get near Downtown Crossing.

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