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Aurora over Needham radio and TV towers

Kevin Jordan shows us the lights over the Needham towers - just a month after he watched the total eclipse.

"I’m not even sure how to wrap my mind around this," he says.

The aurora was not as pronounced here as in more northern areas - some people who got photos reported their cameras did a much better job of capturing it than did their own eyes - but it reached high up into the sky. There's a chance there will be more aurora-ing Saturday as well: Saturday aurora prediction map by NOAA.

Sean Frederick captured the view over Fenway Park:

Aurora over Fenway

Zach saw the lights in South Medford:

Aurora over Medford

Amber Morris saw the aurora and a lot of stars in Marlborough:

Aurora over Marlborough

E went outside in Jamaica Plain:

Aurora over Jamaica Plain

Ed Gryzb looked west in Roslindale around 11 p.m., reports it was relatively hard to see with the naked eye, but that the camera picked up more:

Aurora over Roslindale

Sue photographed the aurora over the water in Salem. She reports she couldn't see anything with the naked eye, but that her phone was able to capture the lights:

Aurora over Salem

Tristan Harward looked up in Melrose:

Aurora over Melrose
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I didn't even *attempt* to look out for this, assuming that it'd be a three hour drive to get anywhere that wasn't too brightly lit to see anything.

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At least in Somerville at 10 PM and midnight. Or maybe I could see exactly the right parts of the sky.

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There are some good places you can go - some friends got some amazing shots from the Middlesex Fells, Mystic Lakes, Nahant, and even Playstead Park in Medford.

The dam between upper and lower Mystic Lakes has a good northward view over the water, with bonus herring run.

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While cell phone cameras do an amazing job "enhancing" the pics, we were able to see "pillars" and such Friday night on Plum Island with the naked eye. Dark skies are really the key.

There might be a chance again tonight (tonight's forecast is similar to last night's *forecast* (though the actual strength of the storm exceeded the forecast)) but the cloud situation is looking worse :(

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The eclipse and the aurora are spectacular and jam up our monkey brains with awe and wonder, and yet they have nothing at all to do with us. They happened before humans were there to gape at them, and they will continue to happen regardless of our presence (at least until the moon and sun can't match up anymore).

Funny how some will discount and deny the obvious signs of what we humans are actually doing to the planet, but will impute meaning to these phenomena (rapture, signs from God just for humans, etc.)

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