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Catholic nursing home in South Boston to close

The Dorchester Reporter reports the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm have given notice that they will shut Marian Manor, which they have operated since 1954, in 120 days.


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Thank you for getting us a source not locked behind a paywall, Adam. A friend sent me a heads-up on this this morning, but the Globe article was inaccessible.

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238 fewer nursing home beds in the area. I only hear about nursing homes closing. Any new ones opening? We have all these aging boomers who will need care.

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My experience with my mother in her last few years and changing care needs suggests two related angles off the top of my head.
One would be VNA and similar services, and other home health aides.
The other would be that a lot of these places offer different levels of care. A certain amount of Independent living; a certain amount of assisted living (which brings in contract nursing and aides on an as needed basis, similar to home health aids); maybe a skilled nursing / transitory care / rehab unit; maybe a long-term care unit; and maybe memory unit.

It would be interesting to see reliable data on the number of quote unquote beds there are in each in the states, as opposed to what would previously have been lumped together has nursing homes.

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nobody wants to work. My elderly father is in a facility where the turnover of aides outpaces residents deaths 50-1. Those that do work, do as little as possible.

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If aides are leaving that quickly, that means something is wrong with the management and/or pay.

My father was in memory care up until this past winter. A family member worked in the same facility and told us that management is not so great, but people stay because of the patients.

Same father was in a Belmont rehab/nursing home prior to memory care, and those folks were severely understaffed. When my father left, they'd lost his glasses and some clothing (they were labeled with his name, even).

Some places are in it for the money.

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nobody wants to work

A bit simplistic.

Sometimes, it's the case that the facility doesn't want to employ people in a manner in which they'd like to work - such as full time with benefits. As I alluded to above, they keep folks part-time and/or bring in agency help on an "as needed" basis.

... even some of the pretty good places.

In my Mom's case, there was mixed bad and good. She spent her last couple of weeks in a nursing/rehab unrelated to her senior living place, but literally across the street.
The bad was related to the hospital, not the senior place or the nursing/rehab.
The "good" was that some of the part-time aides that took care of her in the nursing/rehab were also part-time aides in the senior living. They knew her and she knew them.

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nobody wants to work.

Didn’t you mean to write, “Nobody wants to pay decent wages and offer decent working conditions?”

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Marian Manor was supposed to relocate to Quarry Hills about 15 years ago. That fell apart as well.

This was the original Carney Hospital until it relocated to Dot in 1953.

Looks like we will be getting condos with ridiculous views of downtown and the harbor in the next few years.

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Ok, how about a chain coffee shop like starbucks in retail space on the ground level?

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Gaffin - Why post this?

Marian Manor is really not built for retail.

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This is very sad news. For the patients, staff, vendors and the South Boston community. The only people who will see good here are the real estate developers.

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about this is they have plenty of parking.

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