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Guy who once ran the T denies he's coming back to run Massport

The New York Daily News reports that Rich Davey, who once ran the T and then MassDOT before heading up the effort to bring the Olympics here this year, is denying reports that he's going to leave his job running the New York subway system to take the head job at Massport, in what the financially flailing News called "the small town on the Charles River."

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Can't wait for the report on why the first report was incorrect and how the 2nd report figured it out.
Report at 11

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We still don’t even know if Brittany Spears is really coming!

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A reporters daughter who knows a woman who once dated this guy who's uncle put the air conditioning into Brittany Spears cousin's condo, said she was coming to Boston, maybe.
So the reporter published it. Solid sources.

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When the Post is dunking on you. Little town on the Charles, though? I'm on the Neponset, thank you very much.

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"Little town on the Charles" is bold talk from a Jersey City paper.

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