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Dick Summer, longtime WBZ DJ back when WBZ had DJs, dies, 89

The Night Light Show, Dick Summer WBZ Radio 103 Boston - August, 1964

WBZ Newsradio reports that Dick Summer, who worked as a DJ at WBZ in the 1960s and 1970, where he developed an overnight talk format that he eventually brought with him to New York, has died.

Dick Summer bio by Boston radio historian Donna Halper.

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Sorry to hear this. Dick was a unique and calming on air presence in the days of yore. I remember "The Lovin Touch" when he would read poetry over the air. A very cool guy.

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...Dick Summer was a refreshing change. He was lower-key, and I recall him especially liking Gayle Garnett's "We'll Sing in the Sunshine" and Tom Rush's "Urge for Going." (I didn't have a clue at the time who wrote the latter.)

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admit that we only pretended to like the Lovin Touch so that we could get Suzy Creamcheese into the back seat

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His late night show on BZ picked up on some local bands like Orpheus and Ultimate Spinach. If I recall he also voiced Tech HiFi's ads for years.

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the guitar player was Jeff Skunk Baxter. He went on to become a member of Steeley Dan, and later moved to the Doobie Brothers because he wanted to tour, and after that, played with a long list of great musicians of multiple genres. He has a second career as a defense consultant, applying his knowledge of electronics to missile defense, in a way that no one else envisioned.

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He was on past my bedtime. I'd get to sleep after Jean Shepherd's show. I was a school kid back then.

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