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Non-profit proposes 24 affordable apartments in the Fenway

Rendering of proposed 112 Queensberry St.

Rendering by Embarc.

The Fenway Community Development Corp. has filed plans for a six-story, 24-unit apartment building to replace a vacant laundromat at 112 Queensberry St. in the Fenway.

The building's apartments, split between studios and one-bedroom units, would be "deeply" affordable - for people making between 30% and 60% of the Boston-area median income. More typical "affordable" units approved by the BPDA range between 60% and 100% of that income level.

At least two of the units would be reserved for people coming off of homelessness, according to the plans filed with the BPDA.

The building would have no parking spaces and no gas hookups.

112-114 Queensberry St. filings.

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No fireplaces?
No thanks.

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The Fenway CDC fights every new development that doesn't have parking as one of their biggest concerns. Wonder why they didn't do it on this project? Suddenly parking and traffic are not a concern?

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A six story building is a good fit for that area. I think if they insisted on parking spaces that would have sunk the deal.

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Unless things have changed, that "laundromat" was actually functionally a laundry service. They ran wash/dry/fold service so that it was impossible to walk in and do your laundry.

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I really hate this trend of "if we make the top X floors gray, people won't notice them" trend. I notice them MORE because they are a different color than the rest of the building and are usually a cheaper uglier material. Just use brick all the way up to the top. It will look fine!

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