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Now here's a reason to frown: The Green Line is dead downtown

Signs say: No Green Line

T spreading the news at Park, photo by a roving UHub photographer.

Update, 8:21 a.m.: T reports service back to normal

The MBTA reports the Green Line is dead between Copley and Government Center because of a switch problem at Arlington. Take the Orange Line instead, or the 39 bus should your travel plans include Huntington Avenue, they say.

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Switch at Arlington?

Been taking the T for a few decades and yes there is a switch just west of the Arlington platform but it really isn't used.

This sounds like cover for they messed up the work they were doing last night and are racing to get it fixed. Kind of like "magma displacement" from Hunt For Red October, just a default excuse for not doing things right the first time.

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90% of the area serviced by the Green Line is nowhere near the Orange Line.

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But the part of the Green Line between Copley and Government Center is pretty consistently near the Orange Line.

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It's also a pretty short run. Like, if the Orange Line and the Green Line are "near" each other in that stretch, Copley and Government Center are also "near" each other.

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Copley isn't that far from Back Bay Station the Orange LIne and State is not far from Government Center.

I guess you folks drive around town more than use the public transportation?

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"you folks" used to take the Green Line to work every day. I know where things are, thanks.

My point is that the area where the Green Line and the Orange Line are "near" each other is quite small, and there are few residential neighborhoods in that area. The Green Line serves Allston, Brighton and Brookline, and as soon as you get past Copley, the stops really are not close together.

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If you think Arlington, Boylston, and Park Stations are far apart "you folks" @Ibb don't walk around downtown Boston much either.

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That is in fact the opposite of what I said. This seems to be difficult for you to understand, so let me try it again.

1. The original argument was that, hey, broken Green Line? You can just take the Orange Line.
2. I pointed out that the section of the Green Line that is "close to" the Orange Line, by any reasonable definition, is actually only a very small part of the Green Line.

This is not an argument that could be interpreted by any sane person as saying that "Arlington, Boylston and Park Stations are far apart". The implication is the opposite: that the stations are close together.

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The original "argument" was that the Green Line was broken between Government Center and Copley, so people needed to take the Green Line for those stops as replacement. Between those stops it's a pretty short walk, at least most of them. (Arlington less so, but still not terrible.) And also it's not an argument, it was just stating what the options were.

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