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Dog attacks owner, three others in Brighton apartment building

A dog that attacked four people in a building in Brighton's Faneuil Gardens development last night is now at the city animal shelter in Roslindale for quarantine and for a dangerousness hearing, officials said today.

Police responded to 85 Faneuil St. around 10:45 p.m. to the sounds of screaming people - and King the pit bull mix roaming the third-floor hallway after the attacks.

Police directed residents to remain in their apartments with their doors locked and called in the Boston Fire Department in case they needed to put up ladders to get EMTs to the wounded, rather than risk having King come after them. EMTs were initially told to stay out of the building because of the bite risk.

Eventually, however, police were able to corral King - after he got to the fourth floor - and put him in the back of a cruiser to await the arrival of an animal care and control officer. That officer then used a ketch pole to further immobilize King for transfer to the back of animal transport van and the ride to the city shelter.

King appeared to be in good condition with no visible injuries, officials say, unlike his owner, whom King tore into, biting him in the buttocks, arms and back. Three other people also suffered bite wounds.



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Dog owners are off the leash across the city.

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Like every other car

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every third car.

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Betting my money these people don't know how to raise a dog with love, comfort, veterinary appointments and kindness. Lots of rescuers who know how to love this dog and make it happy.

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It’s a pit bull(of course). It could be the most trained and pampered dog in the world. It’s still a risk to everyone around it. The breed should have been banned decades ago but it hasn’t because nut job dog people are irrational. There’s no such thing as a responsible pit bull owner.

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Your ignorance is astounding.

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You do realize @Kinopio that both the dog in the "Our Gang" shorts of the 1920s and the dog in the "Little Rascals" shorts of the 1930s were American Pit Bull Terriers. This was well before the "Pit Bull Panic" of the 1980s when drug dealers made them their canine companion of choice.

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Every dog has teeth, and can do substantial damage if it wants to. You're being an ass.

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Here's how I've had it explained to me:

Pit bulls were bred as dog-fighting dogs, so the main problem with the breed is that they are aggressive towards *other dogs*. At least originally. (And the ones bred for this have an inhibition against biting people, because that's pretty important in dog fighting.)

The other problem is that they are powerful animals, which makes them attractive to the kind of assholes who will encourage dangerous behavior. You'll also get some people who breed them to attack people, or just in general be really aggressive.

The result is that there's not just one thing called a "pit bull". Making generalizations about the breed doesn't make any sense because it's *not* just one breed.

I think one of the few generalizations you can reasonably make is that they should only be owned by people skilled in dog behavior. I don't think that's something you can actually form legislation around, though.

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Good explanation @Tim Mc!

It tends to verify the anon's post "Betting my money these people don't know how to raise a dog"

It really is nurture not nature that determines a dogs behavior. Yes they were originally crossbred from English Bulldogs and Black and Tan Terriers for pit fighting against large animals, dogs and even rats, but depending on how they were raised and trained determines how they act towards people.

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King in the castle

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but as the owner is the one who was attacked, it's more likely BAD OWNER.

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