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Jamaica Plain coffeehouse and restaurant wins OK to buy beer and wine license


The Boston Licensing Board today granted Evergreen Eatery, 154 Green St. in Jamaica Plain, permission to buy the beer and wine license from a Fenway Qdoba.

The board also agreed to let the restaurant expand their alcohol offerings to include liqueurs and to eliminate provisions that applied to Qdoba, in a student-heavy area, to require the sale of food to go with any alcohol sales, ensure an employee is stationed on the restaurant's outdoor patio at all times and never operate an actual bar.

Even before he opened Evergreen in 2018, owner Phil Paik was well known in the neighborhood as owner of JP Seafood on Centre Street.

Michael Reiskind of the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council, who urged the board to grant the license transfer request, noted that even residents in the building that houses Evergreen strongly supported the request at a hearing yesterday. Paik is "a longstanding and outstanding business owner in the neighborhood," Reiskind said.

In addition to Evergreen's patio, on which adult patrons will be able to drink alcohol without the presence of an eagle-eyed worker, Evergreen also has what is now a six-seat coffee bar - at which patrons will be able to sip on adult beverages.



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And a great guy too.

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Great news. That place is solid and there aren't many options around there to get a drink.

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Three's a charm! Evergreen is the third business to be in that space. Phil is doing something right as the other two just couldn't do it.

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I love to see liquor licenses make their way back to JP! The loss of Doyle's still hurts, especially since it's liquor license when to the Seaport.

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Oh cool. Magoo likes this place. When Magoo eats French toast Magoo refers to Magoo as “Frenchie”‘instead of Magoo. For example: While Magoo is eating French toast Magoo might say something along the lines of: “Frenchie likey the French toast. It is supes yum yum yummy in Frenchie’s tum tum tummy.” Magoo.

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The wakeup burger is delicious and I think I will just go get one today.

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If Evergreen can do full-fledged brunch there will be huge waits for tables when it's nice out, but I'm afraid this is too good to be true. Still, great to see another spot in JP graduate to the big leagues. Especially with Doyle's and Canary Sq gone the Galway needs some competition in its genre.

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Gee, just imagine if the state didn't have a choke-hold on the licenses...it's almost as if neighborhood joints could open again.

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