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Three cars crash, burst into flames in tunnel from the Tip O'Neill to the Ted Williams; three people taken to the hospital

Remains of the three cars in the tunnel

The remains of the three cars, photo by BFD.

The Boston Fire Department reports a three-car crash on the ramp from the northbound Tip O'Neill Tunnel to the Ted Williams Tunnel caused a two-alarm fire that sent three of the six people in the ruined cars to the hospital and filled the tunnel with smoke, around 4 p.m.

Video of the fire.

Firefighters rushed to the scene from both ends of the tunnel.

The department reports firefighters were able to quickly douse the fire in two of the cars, but that a third, in a hybrid, took longer to extinguish.

MassDOT announced around 10:45 p.m. that the ramp and another one nearby had been re-opened.



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Wow, those cars, especially the two in front, got absolutely fried to a crisp!

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My God. I haven't been in that tunnel since I last drove in the 1990s. And the tile is the same. What caused it?

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The fire was the result of a crash, according to several local news sources.

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Wow, looking at the video leaves me wondering how many people got a serious case of smoke inhalation -I assume that on a Friday at 4 PM there were cars stuck in the tunnel for a long time behind the crash site.

Also "The department reports firefighters were able to quickly douse the fire in two of the cars, but that a third, in a hybrid, took longer to extinguish." Hybrids have a battery a fraction of the size of an all-electric car. If car batteries remains as combustible as they currently are, when this kind of collision happens between 3 full electric SUV's with 80+ kWh battery it won't be pretty.

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If you don't tailgate someone else will get ahead of you.

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I leave space between my car and the one in front of me. Other cars often times will get into that gap and I don't care. If someone has such a miserable life situation that being one whole car length ahead completes them, then so be it. I'm also a minority and getting pulled over for speeding is an unpleasant experience. So I go the speed limit. The number of cars that get right up behind my cars and try to push me to go faster is countless. Many people in possession of an MA driving license actually need them taken away, and need not ever be behind the wheel of a car.

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I go the speed limit too, mostly because it saves on fuel and is better for the vehicle. It drives people insane. (Or rather, people are insane drivers.)

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I agree wholeheartedly. 20% of drivers or so are unqualified to operate a vehicle and about half of those that are unqualified put others safety at risk every single time they get on the road. We just assume everyone should drive. Rarely do we have "accidents". Statistically it's inevitable that these unqualified drivers cause a crash.

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I'd love to see much more strict license renewal requirements - like open book exams on road rules and newer road markings or making people watch courses and complete questions like other sorts of licenses require.

Too many drivers over age 40 completed a nonsense 5 question "test' on license qualifications (not road rules) to get their permit and were rewarded a year later with a crackerjack box for successful parallel parking on the town common. Too many younger drivers have come of age in a permissive environment where enforcement has nothing to do with safety, where it exists at all.

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The ramp from 93 north to 90 east splits off way, way, way before the Tip O'Neill Tunnel -- in the South Bay area between the Mass. Ave. Connector and the S. Boston Bypass Road. Technically the road is the John F. Fitzgerald Expressway/Central Artery there.

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