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Two arrested at Brighton senior apartment building a few doors down from the Cumbie's police say they tried to rob at gunpoint

Seized assault weapon and bullets

Not the gun used in the robbery, but also seized: Unassembled assault weapon and bullets.

Boston Police report arresting two men, 64 and 65, at the J.J. Carroll House, 130 Chestnut Hill Ave. in Brighton, yesterday on charges they tried to hold up the Cumberland Farms store just down the block at 148 Chestnut Hill Ave. on May 15.

Police say the clerk foiled their robbery attempt around 11:10 p.m. - in which one of the two pointed a gun at him - by running out of the store.

Police say officers, armed with both arrest and search warrants, arrested James Wise, 64, of Dorchester, and David Jones, 65, of Lynn, at J.J. Carroll, which recently re-opened as an expanded, modernized senior-citizen complex, and seized both a handgun and "an unassembled AR-15 style rifle," along with plenty of ammunition for both.

Wise was charged with attempted armed robbery, illegal possession of a firearm, illegal possession of ammunition, illegal possession of a large-capacity feeding device, illegal possession of an assault weapon, police say. Jones was charged with attempted armed robbery and possession of class A and B drugs, police say.

Innocent, etc.



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those aging wiseguy films where the oldsters want to go out with a bang.

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What is all this fear mongering about? We live in the safest time ever.

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I read the headline as “the Cumbies police” and was wondering when Cumbies got its own police force.

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I read it that way too. "Wow, Cumbie's now has its own police force? Probably because people are taking too much $1.99 coffee!"

I think it might read like this - Two arrested at Brighton senior apartment building, a few doors down from the Cumbie's; police say they tried to rob at gunpoint

Or, following Adam's proclivity for rhymes - Goodfellas pretenders are dumbies; police collar the two at Cumbie's

(No offense on you, Adam!)

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And I wondered why detectives were bang-bang-banging on my neighbor's door on Friday afternoon. Boston Police! (bang, bang) Open up! (bang, bang)

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